Applied Ethics – Human Resources Management – single-subject study (BA)

Graduate Profile

Graduates will gain a wide range of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the field of ethics of leadership in organization. They will master not only theoretical foundations of ethics but he will be able to solve a variety of moral conflict situations within the ethics of leadership in organization. A part of the requirement of the bachelor’s degree program in Applied Ethics – Human Resources Management is to pass an examination of the core courses as well as other legal, psychological and applicative units. Graduates of the study programme are also familiar with axiology within the range of basic theoretical knowledge of values, evaluation and value systems. They are able to formulate practical and ethical solutions to various ethical issues and in relation to different areas of practice, particularly in the area of leadership in organizations. Graduates of the study programme will gain basic knowledge of ethics which will enable them to actively and directly work in the area of applied ethics and ethics of leadership in organizations.

What you will Learn During your Studies?

In the course Ethics of Business Management you will learn about current approaches in ethics of management and ethics in the business environment as such. In the course Ethical and Social Audit you will understand the concepts of audit and codex, and what are the ethical principles in organizations and businesses. In the course Ethical Dilemmas in Working Relationships you will be guided to practically solve ethical dilemmas in the working environment, and in the course Organizational Culture of Enterprise you will learn the importance of the organizational culture of the enterprise for its further prosperity. In the course Labour Market and Unemployment you will get into the ethical dimension of the economy, the principles of labour market functioning and unemployment as an economic and moral problem as well as the ways of its solutions.

Employment Qualifications of Graduates

Graduates of study programme in Applied Ethics – Human Resources Management can apply to work in small and medium enterprises of the public and private sectors. They can effectively handle situations related to the application of ethical principles in the field of organization and human resources management. Graduates of the study are able to explain the basic ethical problems of employment relationships to various types of audience and to suggest possible ways of solving them. They are able to work effectively in managing teams of different types of organizations and companies, and participate actively in the formation of corporate culture, ethical strategy of organization and motivation at work.

Life at the Department

Do you have the ambition to get deeper into the studied subject? It is quite simple. You only need to be more involved with a partial problem and present the results of your work at professional seminars or scientific conferences that our Department organizes regularly. Do you want to see how ethical and moral issues are dealt with abroad? Take advantage of the Department’s contacts with universities around the world and take an exchange study stay in Poland, the Czech Republic, Scotland or Canada. We believe that you will be among our full-time and part-time students already in the next academic year.